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Titanic: An Epic Musical Voyage

For fans of the film, this is must-have companion to James Cameron’s beloved classic.

– Screen Invasion

As Redfeld mentioned, a major disaster such as the sinking of the Titanic can evoke passionate music and rather cover the music that James Horner and others have done, they chose to do their own re-imagining of the music. And for some, they may enjoy the versions presented in this album over the original.

Overall, “Titanic: An Epic Musical Voyage” is an album with diverse music, featuring a balance of beautiful instrumental and vocal tracks, but if anything, a wonderful accompaniment to those who have purchased the “Titanic: Collector’s Anniversary Edition” album or for those wanting music that is fresh, enjoyable and different from the original versions.


Dan Redfeld conducts the White Star Chamber Orchestra & Chorus in a fascinating collection of music from the stage and screen. The performances are all good and the program presents a thoughtful progression of music that somehow seems to follow the Titanic’s voyage from launch to its tragic end.

– Cinemusical

Across the Stars: The Film Music of John Williams:

The music would have to stand up on its own as concert pieces. In fact, I think it does this very successfully. Making this CD clearly has been a labor of love for Dan Redfeld. He has researched multiple editions of most of the scores here to produce his judiciously arranged piano works. Some of the pieces are improvisations, demonstrating Redfeld’s notable compositional skills. He has a particularly warm tone as a pianist, which is especially suitable to the heartfelt quality of Williams’s scores. The most notable aspect of the music here is its romanticism.

Redfeld’s CD goes a long way in making his case that Williams is “the greatest American composer since Bernstein or Copland.”

– Fanfare Magazine

Many imitators have followed suit, so pianist Dan Redfeld stands apart for bucking the tide and reducing Williams’s orchestral opulence to a single voice.

All of the chosen themes rise up to Williams’s high standards, but for close listening there are various musical subtexts. Redfeld tweaks out the jazz influence that is frequently overlooked in Williams, as well as harmonic subtleties that remind us of Williams’s parallel career as a composer of contemporary classical music.

The most touching aspect of this enjoyable and scrupulously compiled program is the knowledge, never stated directly, than no composer in any genre has spanned the breadth of America’s rich musical traditions to the astonishing extent that John Williams has.

– Fanfare Magazine, 2nd Review

Arioso for Oboe, Percussion & Strings

The first half of the program showed off another aspect of what the Santa Barbara Symphony has become under Kabaretti’s leadership — an exemplary orchestra for teasing out what’s most poetic and sophisticated in the American music that has grown up around the motion picture industry.

…the Arioso for Oboe, Percussion, and Strings of Dan Redfeld participates in the cosmopolitan yet accessible style pioneered by other Americans such as George Gershwin and Elmer Bernstein.

– Santa Barbara Independent

As a Conductor

Peter Pan

…nothing is lacking making this Peter Pan a first class production. Dan Redfeld is the expert musical director conducting the wonderful live orchestra


Flying or falling, singing or dancing, the cast makes this “Peter Pan” a standout. Helping to make all run smoothly, of course, is the adroit music direction of Dan Redfeld.

– Ventura County Star


Seven Reasons to See Evita…#6: The Cabrillo Music Theatre Orchestra – The music is flawless. Dan Redfeld is the conductor…

– The Fume of Sighs

Conductor Dan Redfeld’s orchestra fills the hall with lush music, but it is at its most intoxicating in the rhythmic “Buenos Aires” production number and the first meeting between Eva and Juan…

– The Acorn

Jonathan Burke’s crystal-clear sound design and Alex Choate’s properties are all terrific as is Dan Redfeld’s conducting of the Cabrillo Music Theatre Orchesra.

– Stage Scene LA

Among those whose work provided the foundation for the production are…conductor Dan Redfeld…

– Ventura County Star

Chess in Concert

Starting with the orchestra—27 musicians led by musical director extraordinaire Dan Redfeld. And the choir—17 glorious voices. The overture(music by ABBA’s Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus) sounded absolutely gorgeous, and that was only the beginning.


The Who’s Tommy

Instead, Tommy heeds his own “Following you, I climb the mountain” to mount the far upstage stairs alone, the music soaring as it has all night under Dan Redfeld’s assured direction.

– Variety

It’s tricky when a rock opera’s protagonist spends the first half of the show catatonic, and only after intermission does the production come to dramatic life. (The orchestra, led by Dan Redfeld, is excellent.)

– LA Times

In the pit, Dan Redfeld leads a superb band that makes the most of the vivid orchestration. When Hank Adams as Uncle Ernie connects with Tommy through his French horn, the French horn player in the orchestra (Stephanie O’Keefe) backs him up with an amazing riff.

– Hollywood Reporter

Carbillo 2010 Holiday Spectacular (featuring Shirley Jones & Patrick Cassidy)

With equal portions of glitz and sentiment, Cabrillo Music Theatre’s “Holiday Spectacular” delivered on its promise of a sumptuous, old-fashioned variety show the week before Christmas.

…an absolutely enchanting version of “The Little Drummer Boy,” surrounded on a blacked-out stage by a chorus of drummers who used drum sticks that lit up with blue lights.

An ebullient Dan Redfeld led the outstanding 16- piece on-stage orchestra.

– The Acorn